Minilateral Cooperation in the EU - The View from Gellért Hill 2021/1

Kilátás a hegyről

A group of researchers conducted a study on minilateralism, and presented their results in a study booklet, titled “Minilateral Cooperation in the EU – Internal Cohesion, Group Dynamics, and Voting Behaviour of Selected State Blocks”. Three of the authors, Vít Havelka, Tamás Levente Molnár, and Nikolett Garai discussed the main findings and possible limitations of the research, while they also shared some personal stories from the research period.
The study is available here (, related publications such as voting tables and infographics are available here (
The view from Gellert Hill (“Kilátás a hegyről”) is the podcast series of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The file features a part from the song entitled “Something Elated” from the brand Broke for Free (…ething_Elated​).