The View from Gellért Hill 2022/4: North Korea and the new geopolitical landscape

Kilátás a hegyről

Our guest expert is Professor Rüdiger Frank, Head of the Department for East Asian Affairs at the University of Vienna. He has been doing research on North Korea for decades, and has published several books on this subject. Professor Frank claims, in this podcast, that the intensification of the current ’cold war’-like polarization will eventually bolster the DPRK’s geopolitical position. As for the future of the North Korean nuclear program he states that it will be a decisive moment whether or not the DPRK conducts another nuclear test in the near future. If it does, it will indicate that Kim Jong Un has opted for the significant development of his nuclear arsenal, while putting off the test would signal a more reserved attitude. As an internationally renowned expert, Rüdiger Frank shares with us many of his insights and facilitates our understanding of the North Korean problem.
The View from Gellért Hill (“Kilátás a hegyről”) is the podcast series of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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